It has been a while since the PuppetConf 2014 ended in San Francisco and there are lot of news that came out of it as usual. But, the biggest news is during the keynote that Luke Kanies, CEO of PuppetLabs announced there will be a new Puppet Server. A new Puppet Server? Yup. A Puppet Server and its not the same as our current Puppet Master. Curious on what this means I decided to check out the preview. All my opinions stated below are my own and does not reflect any of OlinData or PuppetLabs.

Having just come back from PuppetConf 2014 in the San Francisco last week, there have been a lot of new developments. Some of the most significant changes since Puppet was started all the way 10 years back have been announced.

OpsTheatre is a fully open source pluggable operations dashboard. It's ultimate goal is to host multiple other dashboards tightly integrated into OpsTheatre so you can manage your whole infrastructure from one location. OpsTheatre is a modular app with a backend built in node.js. It's frontend is currently an angular.js app which talks to the backend through REST API's. Both the frontend and the backend support plugins or modules.

pt-query-digest is a tool available from Percona for analysis of MySQL queries from slow log, general log and binary log files. It can also analyze queries from mysql processlist and tcpdump mysql data. It is one of the best tools for slow query analysis on mysql server and can help you to improve mysql performance and efficiency.

pt-stalk tool collects MySQL diagnostic data for further analysis to resolve intermittent issues.

Disclaimer: Obviously I'm not entirely unbiased as we're one of 4 worldwide linux foundation training partners, and if you want to get trained up for this certification we're one of the places you can go.

If we look in the news since last 8 months or so, we can see that the technology scene is moving towards the cloud. The terms public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud usually crops up and vendors comes up with all sorts of solutions/products for us to use/dissect/troll/shoot.

Anemometer is a MySQL slow query monitoring tool. It's used to analyze/visualize slow query log, collected from MySQL instance to identify the problematic queries. Also, makes it easier to figure out what to optimize and how to track performance over time.


Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) is a high availability and high scalability, solution for MySQL clustering. Percona Server, Percona Xtrabackup and Galera library for high availability integrated together as PXC. It provides synchronous, multi-master, and parallel replication. All the nodes of this cluster are ready to serve read/write request simultaneously.



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